The twelve Days of Giftmas 2018

Thank you for joining our celebration of seasonal SPAMiness!

The Competition Is Now Closed For 2018.
But here are the lucky winners of the Prize Draw

The SPAM® Brand Mugs

Eleanor Powell, Shelley Jessup, Diane Radford, Elizabeth Smith, Lee Jones, Isobel Gibbons, Wendy McCall, Mike Gerrie, Craig Bucknall, Emma Leeworthy, Deborah Keay, Peggy Muncie

The SPAM® Brand Spatulas

Joanne Morley, Sophie Dolan, Corey Yates, Janet Bradley, Jolanta Smith, Sharon Lines, Susan Moffett, Alice Colling, Sophie Rose, Lisa Hunt, Barbara Snaith

The I Love SPAM® Socks

Emma Doyle, Caroline Smith, Sheila Francis, Yvonne Simon, Michael Bull, Hajra Khanum, Fraser Barret, Peter Evans, Anna Siepietowska, Charlotte Geoghegan

The SPAM® Brand Beanies

Lisa Tsang, Susanna Callaghan, Helen Garner, Hong Ho, Tom Morgan, Barry Simmons, Peter Illsley, Mrs Moira Mathias, Tony Greig

The SPAM® Brand Aprons

Phil Brewer, Donna Reddish, Lisa Dollochin, Hilary Heywood, Catherine Rushton, Derek Ross, Victoria Hallett, David Duncan

The SPAM® Classic T-Shirts

Steve Parsons, Harriet Beutler, Graeme Funnell, Zoe Baker, Emma Seaman, Kelly Knowles, Ryan Hilton

The SPAM® Brand Tote Bags

Tim Graham, Sylvia Bicknell, Heather Platt, Sarah Briggs, Ray Becker, Susan Hunt

The SPAM® Brand Baseball Hats

Karl Foxley, Kathleen Chilvers, Darren Moore, Emma Bennett, Gavin Smithers

The SPAM® Brand Tea Towels

Claire Derry, Julie Moore, Enid Hart, Liz Bartolon

The SPAM® Brand Retro Lunch Tin

Jason Mollendorf, Wendy Jean Jones, Gemma Turner

The SPAM® Brand Day Packs

Victoria Baker, Paula Smith

The SPAM® Brand Skateboard

Gina Ackroyd

The SPAM® Fulfilment Elves Are Now Busy Getting Your Prizes Packed and Sent.