The twelve Days of Giftmas 2019

Thank you for joining our celebration of seasonal SPAMiness!

The Competition Is Now Closed For 2019.
But here are the lucky winners of the Prize Draw

The SPAM® Brand Mugs

Hazel Lumsden, Carol Bamber, Kevin Symonds, Stephen Woodbridge, Paul Ballantine, Jane Daddy, Lynn Doe, Joanne Chisholm, Theresa Wakeley, Heather Swain, Lianne Green, Martin Franks

The SPAM® Brand Drawstring Backpacks

Claire Clark, Susan Lowe, Paul Tynam, Tammi James, Kevin Hyde, Emma Evans, Rosseta Riley, Pam Gabbitas, Josephine Purcell, Sarah Oliver, James Haycock

The Argyle Diamond Pattern SPAM® Brand Socks

Julia Osborne, Ann Hunt, Anne Parmenter, Margaret Pratt, Patricia Henson, Karen Butler, Mandy Kingwell, Margaret Bray, Esther Shevlin, Ryan Lewis

The SPAM® Brand Nordic Beanies

Maddy, Mike Ambler, Adelaide Williams, Mike Ashton, Leslie Tabrah, Paul Revell, Gavin Ratcliffe, Robert Leonard Gilbert-Warsop, Amy Grant

The SPAM® Brand Aprons

Daniela Griffiths, Champaklal Lad, Victoria Battishill, Patrick Buckley, Dougie Leslie, Peter Illsley, Troy Ashton, Francine Davis

The SPAM® Brand Oval T-Shirts

Lisa Cotton, Dave Hetherington, Chris Gregory, Lucy Ambrose, Jane Adams, Scotty Forsyth, Stephen Wilson

The SPAM® Brand Water Bottles

Kris, Mrs Rosemary Wright, Janice Snowball, Jackie Rigby, Toni Davis, Amanda Sorgucu

The SPAM® Brand Khaki Caps

Cameron Gemmell, Patricia McClymont, Morag Ansdell, Ca Goldfinch, Mercedes wilkinson

The SPAM® Brand Tea Towels

Michelle Brownlow, Chloe Brill, Brian Martin, Jim Massey

The SPAM® Brand Retro Lunch Tin

Lily Groves, Karl Foxley, Tina Downs

The SPAM® Brand Umberellas

Jessica Trinder, Mark Beale

The SPAM® Brand Canjo

David Wilburn

The SPAM® Fulfilment Elves Are Now Busy Getting Your Prizes Packed and Sent.