The twelve Days of Giftmas

Thank you for joining our celebration of seasonal SPAMiness!

The Competition Is Now Closed For 2017.
But here are the lucky winners of the Prize Draw

The SPAM® Suit

Juanita Powers

SPAM® Cycling Shirts

John Green, Eric Butler

SPAM® Blankets

Sarah Colman-Whaley, Ralph Mutton, Michelle Davies

SPAM® Pyjamas

Kay Hannon, Lesley Doodnath, Kevin Knowles, Ken Taylor

SPAM® PomPom Hats

Vicky Rowan, Jo Saunders, Digger Mosey, Jason Barrett, Zuzanna Wesolowska

SPAM® Classic T-Shirts

Thomas Simpkins, Rich Manville, Mark McCallum, Ray Dodds, Pete, Teresa Thomas

SPAM® Baseball Hats

Caroline Glass, Mrs Wendy Williams, Michelle Bates, Catherine McElvaney, Rose Cox, Mary Cosa, Andy

SPAM® Beanie Hats

Suzanne Breban, Valerie Mortimore, Nicki Wooles, Sharon Hatch, Cliff Haylett, Penny Barter, Helen Wayte, Jemima Bradshaw

SPAM® Mugs

Neil Stewart, Gail Edwards, Lukas Schulz, Corinne Peat, Lauren Valentine, Derek Thompson, Anne Rawson, Andrew Pennington, Kim Thomas

SPAM® Playing Cards

Lesley Paschalaki, Zoe Dennett, Jean Hand, Tracy Drury, Shelley Dixon, Penny-Sue Wolfe, Phil Newis, Fiona Shepherd, Nicola Gregory, Sharon Price

SPAM® Socks

Theresa Shaw, Claire Grigg, Margaret Steele, Ann, Clare Maddox-Brennan, Trevor, Debbie Gilligan, Fiona M Hogan, Diane, Grant Bjorkelund, Bernice Robinson

SPAM® Tote Bags

Maria Gill, Charys Dewhurst, Mrs Marie-Sophie Fox, Karen Rotherham, Michelle Hole, Anne Whittle, Paula Hambly, Russell Dixon, Elizabeth Meaney, Natalie Zindani, Catherine Wareing, Charlotte Geoghegan

The SPAM® Fulfilment Elves Are Now Busy Getting Your Prizes Packed and Sent.