The grandest celebration
of SPAM® Brand yet!

Who will be crowned
master of the grill or pan?

SPAM® Appreciation Week is our annual celebration of all things Chopped Pork and Ham!

This year, SPAM® Appreciation Week invites you to show your appreciation in the best way we know...
by sizzling up some SPAM® product and creating a recipe that will get everyone hungry for more.

And this time, you've got the whole world to choose from!

SPAM® Appreciation Week 2020
SPAM® Appreciation Week 2020

The Grand Prize:
Over £1,000
in vouchers

The winner of each category will go into a
grand Sizzle-Off to be judged by our fans.

The most-liked recipe will carry off the coverted
SPAM ® Sizzle-Off trophy and £1,000 in
shopping or travel vouchers.

SPAM® Appreciation Week 2020

Three Categories,
30 Sizzle Kits
to be won!

We will pick 10 winners from each category (American, Asian & European) at random.

All you have to do is either send in your own recipe in written, image or film format that will get you included in the main prize draw as well or, if you just want to try and win a Sizzle Pack, you just have to name your favourite recipe.

Grab a can and get sizzling!